The DELTADIATONICS method is an expanded approach of our diatonic harmonic system inspired by Arnold Schoenberg, Vincent Persichetti, Walter Piston, Horace Miller, David Liebman, Lennie Tristano and  Ludmila Ulehla, to mention a few. It has been my quest to develop a new succinct system that provides a more simplifying perspective of current harmonic practice. In his book the Theory of Harmony  Schoenberg  states “One of the foremost tasks of instruction is to awaken in the pupil a sense of the past and at the same time open up to them the prospects for the future. Thus instruction may proceed historically, by making the connections between what was, what is, and what is likely to be.”  View the last PDF "DELTADIATONIC SYNOPSIS"


I offer the DELTADIATONICS method as a flash drive book containing over sixty documents for $25.00 below. Hard copies are available upon request for $45.00.  See Deltadiatonic Index for complete list of topics.

Below you will find some free music theory downloads from my new DELTADIATONICS 21st-Century Harmony book. The four foundational triads of diatonics, major, minor, augmented and diminished are each assigned a unique quality symbol which transform themselves into the seven chords of the seventh qualities found in diatonic major and minor harmony. Note; All documents may have to be opend twice to access the correct symbology. Explore-Learn NEW!  Open the PDF's, The DELTADIATONIC SYNOPSIS for your free 25 page book that will take you through a complete understanding of triadic, chords of the seventh, quartal and advanced upper structure harmony, all using the DELTADIATONIC method.
                    DELTADIATONICS on Flash Drive

Deltadiatonics Inspirations from Schoenberg's Theory of Harmony on an engraved flash drive.